Best News Bloopers of 2013


Best News Bloopers of 2013

BlogcastLife Episode #5:

Power of Apology +

How To Change Your State with Anchors, even when you're tired!

Enjoy, and please leave me your comments & insights!

In Entering the Cave of the Heart Daily,

- David Emil Lombard


Ever make a small or large sacrifice to surprise somebody?

How did it make you feel & How did the rest of your day go?

Have you ever tried to 'wing it' with your daily schedule?

Did you accomplish all you desired too? Me either ; )


Listen in for my inspirations around these topics &

leave me your feedback and ideas!


If you're a visual person, check for the video version of this episode next!


In Making Course Corrections & Cultivating the Virtues Daily,

David Emil Lombard

Blogcast Life Beach Bungalow Retreat


Update & Announcement: Live from the Blogcast Life Beach Bungalow Retreat

By the way, you can travel & blog where you desire

like my friends and I do by using this too:

Designing our Lives,

Who hasn't felt overwhelmed before?  Maybe even to the point of procrastination?

If you do this nightly 'combo trick' Tony taught me, you'll have the most productive days ever, no matter what you have on your plate.

I'll challenge you to do it for a week and let me know how it works!

Celebrating Constant Refining on the Journey,

David Emil Lombard

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